Kareem Kandi

saxophonist - composer - arranger - educator

““Jazz is the only purely American music and the one genre that has embraced elements of all musical forms. This is why it is always exciting to find artists who push the boundaries to create their own unique style, and Kareem Kandi is one musician who does just that.“” - The Weekly Volcano


“” If you want a true jazz experience go hear Kareem Kandi. Just sit back and transport yourself to any jazz club in the world where you imagine you want to be and Kareem will take you there because he is a classic jazz musician.”” - Northwest Jazz Profile


“Tenor saxophonist, Kareem Kandi, has been a lynchpin of northwest jazz for 20 years, and when it comes to be-bop, he’s the real deal. His classic tone (think Dexter Gordon and Pete Christlieb) and straight-ahead approach lays the music on the line.” - KNKX - Live studio session


“The trio more than proves themselves of their top-notch be-bop abilities, all the while playing with ease and an unteachable chemistry.” - HB Radke, Earshot Jazz Magazine


“This is as tight a group as any in these parts. They launch from a foundation of straight-ahead jazz, but readily infuse the songs with a range of styles and grooves as the moment dictates. The band’s collective command of dynamics is particularly striking. Every tune has an organic, satisfying and intelligent arc, with vivid aural colors throughout. This show was the musical equivalent of an action movie, and I was on the edge of my seat all night.”      - Katy Bourne, Katy Bourne's Blog - Hang a Dang


“Kareem Kandi’s music draws on influences as diverse as hip-hop and traditional Middle Eastern music. A sax player, arranger, and composer, he fuses these influences with solid technique and a firm grasp of traditional jazz, funk, soul, and blues.” - Michael Berry, Seattle Weekly


“You cannot separate these parts: Kareem Kandi, jazz saxophone, and the Pacific Northwest. Each part is tied closely and complexly interacts with the other parts. All three parts make a whole career that began in Pierce County, was consolidated at Cornish College of the Arts, and has long been at the center of the region’s vibrant jazz scene.” - Charles Mudede, The Stranger


" Best Jazz Group 2007 " " Best Jazz Group 2008 " " Best Jazz Group 2010 " " Best Jazz Group 2011 " " Best Jazz Group 2013 " " Best Jazz Group 2014 " " Best Jazz Group 2015 " - voted by readers for the Readers Poll, Weekly Volcano - Best Of Tacoma Issues


“” Indeed, the original compositions were the touchstone of this performance. “”  - Earshot Jazz Magazine


““The piano-less trio is reminiscent of Sonny Rollins’ and Joe Henderson’s recordings with the same configuration, and I like the way they use that freedom to explore. “”  - Robin Lloyd, KNKX